Round 2 Tests

Note: Some of the pages from round 1 (below) have changed due to the latest code, database and/or style sheet updates.

Round 1 Tests

Home Page

Homepage test 1
All sections from main menu contained on one page (not linking away to a separate page). When pressed, the main menu options scroll to each section Рuser can then jump off to individual pages when available/required. The Pact 2 holding image of Rakie until we get the real one.

Homepage test 2
Same as test 1 but the header no longer contains quotes or news items. Quotes are displayed in section dividers (a few layout options provided) and the news item is now as a headline in the news section. Also has a variant on the productions section (for when more productions become available).

Homepage test 3
Smaller display in Productions section. News is split into Little Door and External articles. Also introduced a visual ‘cards’ theme to the news items to help differentiate between news items and productions.



A few different layouts for News. More emphasis on typography as I know good quality images can be difficult to source.

News test 1
3/4 width image with notes. Card themed news footer

News test 2
Full width image with quote underneath. Simple news footer

News test 3
Plain text (no image/quotes etc). Simple news footer

News test 4
Actual article (no lorum ipsum). Simple news footer with images

The Pact 1

The Pact test 1
Quotes as a simple list under the header. Also added a new ‘related news’ section at the foot of each news page)

The Pact test 2
Quotes integrated with the body of the production information. Related news section displays images.

The Pact test 3
Quotes as a cross fading carousel under the trailer which infinitely cycles through the quotes.


The Pact 2

The Pact 2 test 1
Using the original Pact 1 page as a starting point. Holding image of Rakie for hero shot (until we get the real one)